Friday, November 28, 2008, 4:14 pm

Please feel free to contact us with your interesting and fun stories. Although we cannot pay for your stories, we will give you free publicity and promotion if we use your information. We appreciate any photos or videos you send for our use.

You can type your stories directly into the comments box; if you have pictures or videos — or prefer to contact me directly by email — write here: nonuts*at* (*at* = @). Do not send Word files or PDFs with your stories – we will automatically delete those emails. reserves the right to edit any stories sent to us for use on this blog. Your stories, photos, and videos remain your property, but by supplying them to us, you are giving your permission to use these items here. We will not supply your property to other parties; therefore, we are not responsible for third-party usage of your property.

If you simply wish to contact us with your comments about this blog, feel free to do that too. Good to hear from ya!

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